NewRoot is here for you. Our offerings are expansive and customizable. We have several general paths to take, and we'll work with you to create your own plan if your needs don't quite fit into a clear bucket.

Who do we serve?

Schools + School Districts

NewRoot offers a menu of services customized to the unique needs of school and school districts.
NewRoot’s Wellness Check provides a baseline understanding of school health while building community connections. Beyond the Wellness Check, NewRoot’s services are aligned to core learning and growth categories: equity-rooted Professional Learning Training Spaces, Coaching for Equity and Wellness, Communities of Practice, and School Leader Fellowships.


Through service we have learned tenets, principles, frameworks, and practices that are transferable to various contexts including organizations, health care systems, and businesses. NewRoot offers equity-rooted Professional Learning Training, Community Building and Healing Spaces centered on restorative justice, social emotional learning, and holistic wellness.

What do we offer?

NewRoot is ready. Are you?

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