Our Strategy

NewRoot has developed tailored approaches to best meet our partners' needs. However, our strategy remains rooted in four foundational pillars.
Relevance + Readiness

Equipping and cultivating preparedness and cultural competencies that nurture tools for impact.

Culture + Climate

Centering belonging and connection in all partner communities to strengthen culture and reaffirm investment in outcomes.


Cultivating leadership that drives mindset growth and purpose-driven practices.

Transition + Change

Developing clear and iterative models for assessing challenges, implementing impactful solutions, elevating for accountability, and providing the fluidity necessary to evolve.

Begin the Journey

Every partnership begins with the NewRoot Wellness Check™, where we conduct a needs assessment and check in on the well-being of stakeholders. Based on this evaluation, we provide targeted recommendations in the realms of professional development, coaching, and consultation.
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