Covid-19 Resources

As the impacts of the pandemic continue to ripple, we've gathered a variety of resources for our community.

NewRoot Responds

COVID-19 has impacted everything. We ache with those who are mourning; we uplift those who risk themselves to keep us safe; we celebrate the love and connection that binds us to one another; we remain fiercely committed to young people.

Schools have closed for the remainder of the year. Right now, NewRoot is supporting 55+ school partners with digital lessons, teaching tools, and real-time classroom support. Teachers are creative and nimble. Students are hungry for connection and learning. Administrators are working round-the-clock to support, anticipate, and plan. Everyone is certain of a few things:

• The academic gaps and needs when school resumes will be high
• The social-emotional needs will be varied, enduring, and high
• The potential for identity-based disparities to remain, grow, and persist in the ways that we re-engage as school communities is high

Stay engaged with NewRoot as we keep you updated on how we work to meet our school partner needs during distance learning and in preparation for the future. Re-invest in NewRoot as we work to leverage Chicago as an exemplar for what it can look like to prioritize the needs and wellness of humans as we weather this pandemic together. Join us as a community who believes in the greatness of Chicago; who is committed to transformational, structural change; who understands that change-making work takes investments of time and resources. Join us as we work to persevere, reimagine, and continuously connect again.

With radical love + unity,

The Entire NewRoot Team