Our work is powered by four pillars.

Relevance + Readiness

Equipping and cultivating preparedness and cultural competencies that nurture tools for impact.

Culture + Climate

Centering belonging and connection in all partner communities to strengthen culture and reaffirm investment in outcomes.

Transition + Change

Developing clear and iterative models for assessing challenges, implementing impactful solutions, elevating for accountability, and providing the fluidity necessary to evolve.


Cultivating leadership that drives mindset growth and purpose-driven practices.

Our Strategy

NewRoot cares about your wellness.

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No matter where you work and the space you occupy, you can identify a role that fits you.
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Words from our partners

We 100% practiced what we learned. This was super practical! As someone who lives outside of Chicago it is great to access this resource in a remote format.

Social Worker/SEL Specialist

Middle School/High School

Wonderful facilitation. Great use of time... and I don't say that lightly as an adult learner living through a health crisis.

Department Chair & High School Counselor

I appreciate all the work {NewRoot} does for our school community and I can't wait to be back in person to take full advantage of these restorative justice practices.

High School Educator

I liked how engaged it was. I liked how we were modeled WITH examples and not just theory. We actually had teachers participate creating norms to model how we could apply that with our students in our classroom.


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