NewRoot believes in impact over intent.

We value impact over intention and we strive to be thoughtful and methodical in the interventions we co-create with partners. We are accountable for our actions and use our positions as stewards to hold partners accountable for theirs.
As coaches and consultants, we are committed to ensuring that adults and students feel emotionally safe, cared for, and supported by tending to the roots that provide them the tools they need to achieve the growth they seek.
  • Consultation

    We start our relationships by listening to our partners to hear their understanding of their needs

  • Wellness Check + Assessment

    We work with partners to design and facilitate a Wellness Check to help partners validate assumptions about their communities and we assess their current state against NewRoot’s Wellness Framework

  • Collaborative Strategy

    We collaborate with partners to design a scope and sequence of learning that directly addresses root issues that will impact growth in their areas of opportunity

  • Learning + Coaching

    Our Impact Coaches implement and monitor cycles of learning and coaching to ensure knowledge is shared and received by stakeholders

NewRoot gets results

NewRoot focuses on impact by engaging in frequent data shares throughout the relationship. Our data sharing processes follow the path from knowledge acquisition to implementation to impact.

Skill Development

NewRoot measures skill development via pre/post staff surveys, pre/post wellness assessments, and coaching cycle progression


NewRoot measures implementation of new skills via staff surveys, coaching cycle observations and partner feedback.


NewRoot measures impact of implementation of new skills via staff post surveys, Post Wellness Assessments, and aligned performance metrics

Words from the community

Thank you so much!! This was super well organized and put together. Usually zoom trainings are boring and can be easy to get distracted from— but this training wasn’t like that!

Teaching Artist

Thank you for taking the time to walk us through this! I am inspired by the work you do to bring restorative justice into educational settings.

Teaching Artist

Presenters were amazing and created a great safe space for audience to share.


Our presenters did a fantastic job today. After sitting through 12 years of PD I know a good team when I see it! This team stood out to me how well they worked together to deliver the content in an engaging manner to a tired and restless group. Give them a raise because they're definitely all MVPs.

Elementary School Educator

Eyes on NewRoot

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